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Reflex Type

Five 90° prismatic serations are cut into the liquid contact surface of tempered reflex glass to give a prism effect over the whole visual area. Incident light is passed through glass at the liquid phase and is reflected back to the observer at the gaseous phase by the effect of the prism. Therefore,the liquid level can be observed as an interface between the dark liquid phase and the bright gaseous phase.

Because it doesn't suit the watch of the alkaline fluid(Because it is impossible to attach protect mica plate and so on), the phase boundary, the liquid color fluid which corrodes glass, when the watch of alkaline fluid, the phase boundary, the liquid color is needed with the facing up to formula liquid surface meter, Reflex Liquid Level Gages recommends Transparent Liquid Level Gages.


  • Inexpensive as compared with transparent gages
  • Low maintenance cost
  • deciphering as much as the liquid of transparent fluid is easy compared with KLINGAGE Transparent Liquid Level Gages.
  • High-pressure gas authorization article compatible

For KLINGAGE Reflex Liquid Level Gages to be able to correspond to the damaging of glass out of the expectation and so on, the standard is equipped with upper and lower Check Ball Valve basic-ly.

Get in touch because it manufactures even if the special material such as carbon steel (S25C、A105), stainless steel (SUS304、SUS316、SUS304L、SUS316L), the various resin lining, the other titanium, Monel, Hastelloy has as the wetted part material.

As the option, we prepare in the scale board ( the scale: made from SUS304 , AL ), TeflonR (PFA) Coat Glass - KLEARCOATR Glass, V-notched Color Glass ( Bi-KC glass ), the ultraviolet ray cut plate, light-shielding chamber, the installation support and so on.