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Tubular Type

Tubular glass or resin forms a liquid chamber between upper and lower gage valves. It is the most simple and inexpensive liquid level gage which can be used under normal or relatively low pressures.

Reflex type

Prismatic serrations of the whole visual area on the liquid contact surface of reflex glass gives a prismatic effect, providing a crisp black and silver bi-color indication of the fluid level.

Transparent type

Flat tempered glass is mounted on each side of the liquid chamber and it is held between gage covers. Liquid level, boundary level and liquid color can be observed.


Get phase and liquid phase are indicated in red and green respectively by the specific illuminator.

Boiler Level Gage w/ Luking-AR

Glass has excellent corrosion resistance in general but is attacked and dissolved in service by alkalain solution, resulting in thinning of the wall and premature failure or replacement.

Magnetic Level Gages

Our Magnetic Level Gauge provides safe, reliable and maintenance free solution to liquid level detection of toxic, corrosive, high pressure, high temperature which feature float chamber that is made of non-magnetic material and attached on vessel.