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Tubular Type

Tubular glass forms a liquid chamber between upper and lower gage valves. It is the most simple and inexpensive liquid level gage which can be used under normal or relatively low pressures.Howeve,it is not approved by High Pressure Gas Regulation Law in JAPAN.Various types of tubes are available according to application and type of liquid. For example,glass tube marked with a red line for ease of liquid level observation, fluorocarbon tubes for corrosive service,acrylic tubes and PVC tubes etc.

As the option, we prepare a scale board,float, too.( Application fluid specific gravity: 0.55 The above )As the special specification, we prepare a jacket type, too. As the application valve material, we prepare carbon steel, stainless steel (SUS304,SUS304L,SUS316,SUS316L) resin (PP,PVC), a various lining and so on, too.Consult on the special material, too.


As for all liquid surface meters, it manufactures at the optional desire installation size.

It manufactures the standard installation length of KLINGAGE Tubular (Glass) Liquid Level Gages from a minimum of 300 mm.The one which exceeds the longest installation length corresponds by the support.(The following reference) It manufactures to the request in the liquid surface meter installation VESSEL shape and the standard. (Standard installation VESSEL:20A JIS 10 K The flange) The length which is visible depends on the valve format.Refer to the following.

Tube Material Longest installation length
Glass pipe 2060
Acryl 3060
PVC 4060
PFA,FEP 3060

Model of Valve Visual Length(mm)
BA11A,BA12 center to center, distance-145
BB11N,BB12N (resin lined) center to center, distance-162
DB12N (Hard rubber Lined) center to center, distance-240
DB12N (Glass Lined) center to center, distance-290
BL151(PP,PVC) center to center, distance-165
BL152(PP,PVC) center to center, distance-175