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Product information

XP95A Mounting Base

All detectors in the XP95A product line fi t the XP95A Mounting Base which is a low insertion force base with stainless steel contacts for the detector terminals. XPERT Cards are supplied with all bases.

Brand Information

XP95A uses a ‘central intelligence’ system where all the decisions are made by the control panel. Each detector is addressed using Apollo’s patented XPERT Card and supplied with the mounting bases. The XP95A product line includes an ionization detector, a photo-electric detector, a heat detector, a multisensor, an isolator and a series of modules.

Brand Features

  • XPERT Card addressing
  • Analog value report
  • Alarm flags for fast alarm response
  • Synchronization of all loop powered notification devices
  • Advanced error check


Warranty 10 year
Approvals uL, CSFM, ULC


Certificate Installation Guides Product Guides
CSFM - California State Fire Mashal XP95/Discovery Mounting Bases Installation Guide PP1039 XP95 EPG
UL - Underwriters' Laboratories Inc
ULC - Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc