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Product information

XP95 A2S Heat Detector

The XP95 Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a single thermistor which provides a count output proportional to the external air temperature.

Brand Information

The XP95 range of analogue addressable fire detectors uses tried and trusted technology to give the best performance, and has unique features that benefit the installer and the end user. It is suitable for medium-to-large applications with simple installation requirements.

As it operates using digital communication, XP95 has a high immunity from corruption, and is, therefore, often preferred in a large system where life safety is critical. XP95 products are frequently used in commercial, industrial, financial, government, IT/telecoms and healthcare applications.

Electrical Description

The detectors are designed to be connected to a two wire loop circuit carrying both data and a 17V to 28V dc supply.

The detectors are connected to the incoming and outgoing supply via terminals L1 and L2 in the mounting base. A remote LED indicator requiring not more than 4mA at 5V may be connected between +R and -R terminals. An earth connection terminal is also provided.

When a device is energised the ASIC regulates the flow of power and controls the data processing. The thermistor provides an output over normal operating ranges that is proportional to the external air temperature. This voltage output is processed in the A/D converter and stored by the communications ASIC. It is transmitted to control equipment when the device is interrogated. When a count of 55 is exceeded the alarm flag is initiated and the device address is added to the data stream every 32 polling.


Applications Car parks/loading bays, Dusty environments, Warehouses, Hotels, Medium to large buildings, Offices, Restaurants, Retail, Cafes, Small to medium buildings, University campuses
Fire Type Fast burning, flaming fires
Warranty 10 year
Analogue value nominal 2
Analogue value (- tolerance) 2
Analogue value 25 +2/-2
Alarm level analogue value 55
Chamber type Chevron
Heat classification A2S
Protocol voltage (min) 5V
Protocol voltage (max) 9V
Protocol voltage 5 to 9V peak to peak
Power-up surge current 1mA
Maximum power-up time 4 seconds
Status indicator - Alarm Red
Status indicator - Fault Off
Quiescent current 250μA
Quiescent current tested at 24V dc
Sampling frequency +L2 Loop in & out positive, double terminal
Terminal functions L1 in -L1 in Loop in & out, double terminal
Terminal functions +R +R Remote indicator positive connection
Terminal functions -R -R Remote indicator negative connection
Polarity L1 & L2 are polarity insensitive
Battery powered No
Humidity (min) 0% RH
Humidity (max) 95% RH
Humidity Note no condensation or icing
Humidity 0% to 95% (no condensation or icing)
Operating temperature (min) -20°C
Operating temperature (max) 70°C
Operating temperature -20 to 70°C
IP rating Value IP53
Storage temperature (min) -30°C
Storage temperature (max) 80°C
Storage temperature -30 to 80°C
Standards EN 54-5
Approvals CPR, KRS, LPCB
Weight 105g
Colour White
Finish Gloss
Materials housing Polycarbonate
Materials terminals Nickel plated stainless steel
Product length 42mm
Product diameter 100mm


Certificate Datasheet
LPCB - Loss Prevention Certification Board Certificate PP2611 XP95 Heat Detector Data Sheet
KRS - Korean Register of Shipping
CPR - Certificate of Constancy of Performance